Artist Statement

Life is short and made for enjoying. So many of the things that we interact with on a regular basis spark some small form of joy; whether it be a happy memory, a love of a particular colour, or a delicious flavour. By taking the time to fully render these simple objects I get the pleasure of exploring all of the small things that add up to something so simply joyful. Painting realism for me is an act of mindfulness meditation, spending extended hours focusing on the smallest portion of something that creates happiness and teasing apart what exactly it is that I enjoy so deeply.

In my work I draw inspiration from both everyday modern objects but also from the old masters in the form of capturing dramatic lighting to build an emotional connection with the viewer. By contrasting colourful, joyful objects with deep shadows I invite the viewer to create an emotional connection as well as see these objects on their own, outside of the influence of anything else.