Artist Statement

In my art practice I am exploring space between objective reality and subjective reality. Realism painting has a meditative quality that encourages analysis of our first impression of the world around us. But of course, reality is not just first impressions. Our social, emotional, and intellectual makeup influence how we perceive what is around us. I am particularly interested in the association between the objects that brought me joy at certain points in my life and how the concept of nostalgia reflects on my perception of reality.

Dreams offer an opportunity to engage in a reality that is often disjointed by wakeful standards. In a sense, dreams are the ultimate subjective reality. In the 1920’s the surrealists tapped into the irrational unconscious mind. My work teeters between the real and the surreal. The odd juxtapositions in my work are not there to simply create something unexpected. They are my  attempt at understanding the associations these objects have for me.